Kartridge Help

Kartridge Conduct Guidelines

Welcome to Kartridge! Our community expectations are simple. In the words of Bill S. Preston, Esq., and Ted “Theodore” Logan…

Be excellent to each other!

The following guidelines apply in chat, in game reviews, and on the forums (hosted on Kongregate.com). We fully anticipate there will be differences of opinion and outlook; please handle them in a reasonable and polite manner.

Don’t insult others… not even if they insulted you first, not even if they’re annoying, not even if you consider them a troll, not even if they call themselves a troll.

Don’t harass others. What is harassment? It’s targeting one or more individuals for repeated unwanted attention. The attention can be negative or positive; it can be intense or mild. Even less-intense unwanted attention can be harassment if repeated despite being clearly unwelcome. (At the same time, please assume others have good intentions. If someone says hi to you whenever you show up in chat, it’s possible that they’re just trying to be friendly.)

Never share anyone’s private or real-world information. This is a very serious matter. Our privacy policy is very clear: sharing others’ personal information on Kartridge will result in account removal without appeal.

Don’t be racist or hateful; these things are inherently incompatible with a healthy community. Asserting the inferiority (or superiority) of people on the basis of attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity is not allowed.

Don’t be overly sexual. We’d like to keep Kartridge at about a PG-13 rating. Please don’t use excessive or graphic detail about sexual body parts or the ways those parts fit together. Similarly, less-graphic discussions of sex may become wearisome to your fellow players if you talk of nothing else. Discussions of pedophilia or ephebophilia are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Definitely do not discuss porn or shock sites by name, or attempt to link to one of those sites.

At the same time, please don’t overreact. Kartridge chat is intended for players ages 13 and above, and discussion of topics relating to dating and sexuality are bound to occur.

Spam is not welcome. Spam is “disruption via volume” and includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  1. Sending the same message over and over. This includes posting words with the same meaning in a variety of different languages.
  2. Typing random letters or number that don’t mean anything.
  3. Posting images made from a collection of letters or symbols.
  4. Copy-pasting chunks of text that are not related to chat.
  5. CHATTING IN ALL CAPS or with dIsTrAcTiNg CaPiTaLiZaTiOn. If your keyboard is broken, please don’t use chat or forums until it is repaired.
  6. Posting in binary or morse code; when we say our chat rooms are “any language” we mean that any human language is welcome.
  7. Note that jumping from one room to the next and posting the same message over and over does count as spam, even if you only put it once in each room.

What isn’t spam? Inviting people to join your guild, provided it’s mixed in with other chat and doesn’t happen more often than once every couple hours. Similarly, a few emojis mixed in with regular chat don’t count as spam.

Chat Expectations

Respect the rules of the chat room. Most Kartridge chat rooms are any-language. If someone is speaking a language you don’t understand, you’re welcome to switch rooms, but please don’t insult them. Also, Kartridge does not allow role-play in any chat room. An isolated action (like :hugs: or :cries:) is fine, but please don’t do anything more extensive.

You should be aware that Kartridge has a complex, contextually-aware chat filter that will remove most obscenities, slurs, and serious insults. The more you attempt to say unpleasant things, the fewer things you will be allowed to say. Persistent negativity may result in your account being silenced (unable to chat at all). On the other hand, chatting pleasantly will make it so that you have a bit more freedom to express yourself.

Game Reviews

One of the best things about Kartridge is the ability to leave userful game reviews. This is an opportunity for players to offer honest, constructive feedback to other players (and to the game’s developer, who will almost certainly be reading the reviews as well).

As with any other individual you encounter on Kartridge, do not insult, harass, or threaten game developers. Please be fair and courteous even if you didn’t care for their game. Critiques of the game and mechanics are welcome; attacks on the developers’ intelligence or value as human beings are not welcome.

If you do not care for a game, please rate it accordingly, leave a review if you’d like and then move on. It is not acceptable to leave dozens or hundreds of reviews on one game, and it is not acceptable to recruit dozens or hundreds of other players to echo your comments.

Account Security and Other Issues

Your account is your responsibility. Remember these three things:

  • Choose a secure password;
  • Never share your account; and
  • Always log out when you step away from your computer.

If your friend or your brother or your child messes up your account, Kartridge staff will most likely not be able to help you undo the damage. If someone offers you free (or lower-cost) stuff in exchange for sharing your account, say no. They are cheating or scamming somehow, and your account may get banned as a result. Account-sharing of any kind is a bannable offense, so please keep your account secure!

Choose your username wisely. If you choose an obscene, pornographic, racist/hateful or offensive username, your account will be banned! Similarly, you will also be banned if your username is intended to harass or impersonate another user.

Don’t cheat. If we find out that you have cheated in any way, you risk losing your progress and even your account. That said, we know various things can happen that look like cheating but are not. Because of this we wait until we are certain before taking action on someone’s account for hacking. If you are sure someone is cheating and can prove their scores cannot have been achieved another way, you can make your case by emailing support@kartridge.com.

If we contact you with questions about your purchases, respond promptly. Kartridge needs to be rigorous about reviewing purchases because (as a gaming platform) we attract so many young people, some of whom don’t yet really understand money and therefore see nothing wrong with using their parent’s card or Paypal account to spend a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars. In light of that we put extra effort into confirming purchases. If we aren’t able to contact you in a timely fashion we may need to permanently ban your account, so please respond to our emails or other messages right away!

Contacting support if you need staff help, contact us by emailing support@kartridge.com. In order to provide our employees with an acceptable work environment, Kongregate does not respond to messages that include racist or hateful language, ethnic slurs, threats, suggestions of violence, or excessive swearing. If your message contains any of the above, your ticket will be closed after review by an employee and you will be asked to submit a new ticket excluding the offensive content. Continuous use of offensive language may lead to a permanent suspension of your access to support. Our goal is to help all players when issues arise. Please keep your interactions with support civil and respectful.