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Kartridge Content Guidelines

Kongregate’s goal, from its inception, has been to support game developers. Helping developers find their audience and prosper, and doing so in a fair and respectful way, is the core of what we do. Kartridge is an important part of our efforts to live out our mission.

At the same time, Kartridge cannot be all things to all people. For example, one cannot be a squeaky-clean site for kids’ games and simultaneously a source for sexually explicit adult games. Unavoidably, choices must be made.

We have done our absolute best to be transparent about what we will and won’t allow on the Kartridge platform, but there are almost certainly areas we have overlooked and new information may come to light. This is intended to be a living document—revised and updated as needed.

  1. Kartridge accepts games. We define games as interactive media, in which the player takes an active role in creating their own experience. Listening to music or watching a video does not constitute playing a game. Interactive stories are welcome.
  2. Some nudity is allowed, provided it is not excessively explicit or excessively sexual. We do not allow visible genitalia (including covered genitalia with excessive detail) or anuses. We allow non-sexual male nipples and brief, non-sexual female nipples. We allow non-sexual nude butts. Censoring (pixelation, black bars, etc) of non-sexual nudity is acceptable. No underage nudity of any kind is allowed.
  3. Sexual content should be moderate and relevant to an overall story. For the purposes of this section, “depictions” shall mean “visual images or detailed descriptions.” No depiction of explicit sexual contact, including sexual penetration, is permitted. Depictions of sexual contact between humans and animals are not allowed. Underage sexual depictions are not allowed, with the exception of embraces and kissing between two characters who are of similar ages. No non-consensual sexual depictions are allowed, unless they are explicitly condemned. We welcome games which explore the experience of surviving sexual abuse, provided the topic is handled in a way that is not explicit and does not glorify or sensationalize the abuse itself.
  4. Violence is allowed, but we reserve the right to remove or reject a game if it contains extreme violence (for example, glorifying torture or murdering children).
  5. Racist/hateful content is not permitted. Your game should not condone or celebrate hateful speech or actions, which are defined as attacks against a person or group on the basis of attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Criticizing someone‘s ideas or conduct is not hate speech; criticizing them based on their origins or identity is.
  6. Language matters. Extreme and pervasive profanity may cause a game to be rejected or removed. The use of racial, sexual or religious slurs should be infrequent and relevant (used to establish a character‘s motivations, for example).
  7. Drug/alcohol use is allowed. If your game contains content that may be shocking or inappropriate for some audiences, please include this information on the game page to help players make informed decisions about content.
  8. Additional limitations: Games may only be uploaded by their legal owner. They may not include copyrighted material, such as Nintendo‘s Mario or Sega‘s Sonic the Hedgehog, unless you are the owner of that material or have explicit permission from the owner. Games may not contain cryptocurrency miners, nor viruses, key loggers, ransomware, rootkits, or any other malware of any sort.

If you believe a game has violated one of these rules, please email support@kartridge.com.