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Hi Developers, Welcome to Kartridge!

Kartridge is a new PC gaming platform from Kongregate that is specifically designed for independent developers. We are leveraging our experience as a publisher and 10+ years running a games portal to build a platform dedicated to helping you and your games succeed.

Kartridge will be heading into Open Beta in Summer 2018.

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How is it unique?

Kartridge builds on strengths and values of Kongregate.com, including:

  • Open Platform No fees or approval to upload a game.
  • Putting Developers First Your own developer profile page to show off your work, a painless game upload process, and developer-friendly terms.
  • Active Player Base An audience of several million active users on Kongregate.com
  • 10+ Years Experience Kongregate’s decade-plus experience in content curation and community management
  • Rewarding and Social Gameplay A platform wide metagame as the next evolution of earning badges and leveling up.
  • Robust, Customized Storefronts Tools to help you design a storefront that highlights your game to the fullest.